The Best Disney Bars and Lounges: Cove Bar at Disney’s California Adventure

I’m excited to start a series on the best Disney bars and lounges!   Today’s feature is one of my absolute favorites, the Cove Bar at Disney’s California Adventure.  This open air establishment overlooks Paradise Bay and is the perfect spot to soak up the California sun and enjoy quality bar bites and cocktails.

The food here, albeit limited in choices, is delicious.  They don’t have a kids menu, but we just grabbed something for the kids before we went.  They do have a non-alcoholic cotton candy lemonade which the kids really enjoyed.

It can be a long wait to be seated here, so Guru Tip:

Get in line here about 30 minutes prior to opening.

Food options include choices like artisan pizzas (usually a different option each day), tri-tip sliders, which take me back to growing up on the Central Coast of California and the most popular item, lobster nachos.   That’s what we ordered on our most recent visit and they did not disappoint.  There was plenty for my husband and I to share.

Once you’ve made your food selections, go ahead and put that menu down.  Do not, I repeat, do not order a drink from that menu.  The drink menu is the standard Disney Lounge menu you’ll find anywhere on property.  Instead, order a drink from the “secret” cocktail menu!

The secret drinks are takes on the standard Long Island Ice Tea.  The most popular is the Fun Wheel.  The beautifully layered cocktail begins with pineapple juice, followed by passion fruit vodka and blue curacao and topped off with the Long Island ingredients, soda water and a citrus foam.   It was sweet and refreshing.   I had seen pictures of this for years, so I was happy to order it and cross it off my Disney bucket list.

Although my drink was much prettier, I actually preferred the taste of my husband’s choice, The Zombie.  It includes…wait for it…light rum, dark rum, coconut rum, spiced rum, 151 rum,  orange juice, pineapple juice, blue curacao, Midori AND grenadine!  I would have never ordered this based on the kitchen sink of ingredients but it was quite tasty.

Other secret options include the Earthquake which is reportedly the strongest, The Neverland Tea and the Black Pearl.  Someday I’ll try them all, so stay tuned!

I absolutely recommend a trip to the Cove Bar the next time you visit Disney California Adventure.  Both the food and drinks are worth the wait.  Impress your traveling companions by ordering off the secret menu.

As always, I’d love to help you plan your next magical getaway!